Editor! Stat!

What were they thinking?

The meeting was held at Schnucks. But those who questioned Peoria Township officials Monday didn’t appear to be schnooks. (Peoria, Ill., Journal Star)



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Phillip Blanchard

I asked the writer why he did that. He replied: “The questioning during the meeting was very pointed. It appeared the LWV members had done their homework. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the Schnucks grocery chain, but its pronunciation isn’t all that different from “schnooks.” Kind of a play on words. Don’t know if it worked, but you’ve got to have some fun with this stuff while also being informative.”

Did his editor query him?

“He thought it was clever. YMMV. I was a copy editor for years before I moved back into reporting, so I’ve seen my share of crappy leads, I can assure you.”



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