Nonsense of the year


The ombud at the New York Times thinks that this long-running publicity stunt matters.


Some stories have legs: They just keep coming; they don’t fade away.

Perhaps the ultimate story with legs this year, in The Times and elsewhere, has been about government surveillance. And that’s just one tiny reason Edward J. Snowden would make an unfathomably better choice for Time magazine’s Person of the Year than Miley Cyrus. (The finalists were announced Monday; we’ll see how Mr. Snowden, the former government contractor, and Ms. Cyrus, the twerking twentysomething, fare against Pope Francis, among others, on Wednesday morning.)


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It’s clear that Miley Cyrus was in fact the most influential person this year, because no matter who Time puts on its PoY cover, everyone uses the occasion to talk about Miley Cyrus.



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