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The lineup for the 2016 ACES convention. Based upon no information whatsoever beyond what’s blurbed in the handout, we award the following prizes: 1. Most tantalizing blurb, “Poetry in Headlines … Description to come.” 2. Least tantalizing blurb, “Copyediting and Corpus Linguistics.” (Tied with “Interpreting Social Media Analytics.”) 3. Most potentially useful session, Bill Walsh on “Rookie Mistakes Even Veterans Make.” 4. Least potentially useful, “Checking Geographic Names.” (“Look it up” oddly absent.) 5. Most tantalizing potentially useless talk, “Turdmonger is Definitely a Closed Compound: Editing in Online Entertainment.” (Tied with “How to Get Your Dream Job on the Web,” in which someone from BuzzFeed will, yes, give you a list of ideas.) Note: Sometimes ACES thinks copy editor and copy editing are each two words, and sometimes it doesn’t.




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