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From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette comes this criminal history of a guy who was arrested Nov. 29 on a charge of killing a cop. That’s a lot of probation — even probation for violating probation. You have to do more than this.

Mr. Shetler’s history with the police dates back to 2004, court records show.

A decade ago, he pleaded guilty to engaging in a criminal conspiracy to commit simple assault stemming from an October 2004 incident when he was 20. Charges of terroristic threats and simple assault filed by St. Clair police were dismissed, and counts of engaging in fighting and harassment had been withdrawn. He served two years of probation.

A felony aggravated assault charge, as well as counts of simple assault and harassment, from September 2005 were dismissed by a magisterial judge two months later.

State police in Greensburg charged Mr. Shetler in April 2013 with simple assault and harassment. He was found guilty in a non-jury trial and was sentenced to a one-year probation in June 2014. In October of this year, he was found to be in violation of that probation and and he was re-sentenced to one year of probation, court records show.

In a fourth case, Mr. Shetler pleaded guilty in October to recklessly endangering another person and a summary count of criminal trespass from April 2014. He was sentenced to two years of probation in that case.



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