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Journalists at Honolulu’s Civil Beat have probably gotten used to the platinum-haired man who comes in twice a week, parks himself and his laptop in an open common area of the newsroom, speaks up with questions and offers context now and then.

That’s Ron Hochuli.

He’s the intern.

He’s also 72.

That’s nice. How much are you paying him?

Both he and the newsroom are figuring out how a retired community member with stints in banking, education, philosophy (he was a Catholic monk for a bit) and even a stab at local politics can bring that experience to an internship that benefits all of them.

If it works out, they’ll launch a new program called Kupuna Fellows.

“Kupuna in Hawaii means revered elders,” said Patti Epler, Civil Beat’s editor and general manager. “It’s a very common word here.”

But a retiree scoring an internship in an unfamiliar field is a very uncommon arrangement (unless you’re in Hollywood).

That’s nice. How much are you paying him?

Hochuli, who spent 25 years managing money at Merrill Lynch, has a tremendous work ethic, Simmons said, has taken notes at two city council meetings and has learned to shoot video. He’s digging into affordable housing issues and brings insights into the newsroom that aren’t already there.

“It’s that layer of expertise and senior experience built on a lifetime in the private sector that he’s bringing to bear on our coverage,” Simmons said.

And benefits for the newsroom are benefits for the community, too, Epler said.

“We’ll have a richer, deep understanding of the issues, and we’ll be able to pass that on to readers.”

That’s nice. How much are you paying him?

Simmons thinks places such as Florida or Arizona where many retire to might benefit from this kind of newsroom/retiree collaboration.

Hochuli thinks other retired professionals might have something to offer, too.

“It doesn’t cost Civil Beat money, yet you’re going to have different life experiences looking at things,” he said.






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