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When people say odd things, report what they say. Unless you’re Fox News. Then report what they say and spin it funny, because Obama is still in office till Jan. 20. (No pushback. No Watergate-level revelation from the Washington Post, but an embassy handout.)

The owner of the Istanbul nightclub targeted early Sunday by a Santa Claus-clad killer reportedly said his establishment had increased security in the past week after warnings from “American intelligence.”

Mehmet Kocarslan told Turkish newspaper Hurriyet that his Reina nightclub had received some type of warning prior to the attack, which killed at least 39 and wounded nearly 70 others. Police are still hunting the assailant, who has not been publicly identified. No group had claimed responsibility for the attack as of Sunday morning.

But the U.S. Embassy on Sunday pushed back on Kocarslan, saying there was no “specific” alert.

“The U.S. Government did not warn Americans to stay away from specific venues or neighborhoods,” said a statement, which was obtained by The Washington Post.

(Fox News)



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