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We’re not the public editor or the mommy of the New York Times, so we’re not going to break the news to the executive editor of the New York Times that readers pay about as much attention to bylines as they do to the Postal Service boilerplate, and remember bylines about as well as readers remember last month’s lottery numbers.


You’ve spoken about buyouts and other newsroom cuts. How might those impact readers? Will readers be notified if favorite bylines move on, one subscriber asks?

That’s interesting, I hadn’t thought of that. We will have a smaller newsroom but I don’t know what that means yet because there’s so many factors. Print advertising, which was one of the things that most sustained our newsroom, and all newsrooms, for a long time is dropping significantly — and more this year than ever before. The election of Donald Trump also changes the calculation, for example. We went from three to six people covering the White House. We have to think harder about how we cover agencies in Washington, because it’s going to undergo a dramatic transformation. My goal is to keep as many people as we can whose work is to gather news. Who write stories, cover the world, take video.

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