Location, location, location

De mortuis nihil nisi bonum and all that. Meanwhile, the New York Times focuses on the detail that seems to matter most to the readers.

Mr. Ailes’s wife, Elizabeth, announced his death in a statement, which did not give a cause or say where he had died. Mr. Ailes was a hemophiliac long plagued by obesity and arthritis.

Without identifying him, the police in Palm Beach, Fla., said a 77-year-old man had fallen and struck his head in a bathroom at Mr. Ailes’s home in Palm Beach, Fla., on May 10 and was bleeding heavily when paramedics arrived in response to an emergency call and found him “not completely alert” and still on the floor. He was then taken to a hospital. It was not clear if he had remained at the hospital or was discharged. Mr. Ailes and his wife bought the home last fall for a reported $36 million.



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