I am an “author.” How do I post?

You will find instructions here.

Can you help me get a job?

No. Testy Copy Editors is not an employment site. The American Copy Editors Society maintains a job bank. You might also take a look at JournalismJobs. It ain’t pretty.

Someone posted something nasty about something I wrote.

We don’t permit ad hominem attacks, but we encourage criticism. Rarely is it to be taken personally. Anyone is free to rebut opinions posted on Testy Copy Editors. Objections of a more serious nature should be e-mailed to the proprietor.

How can I buy Testy Copy Editors merchandise?

A variety of ridiculous products with Testy Copy Editors themes can be purchased at CafePress. Please note that we do not mark up CafePress products, unlike some other copy-editing Web sites.

What are smilies?

Smilies, or emoticons, are small graphical images that can be used to express some feeling using a short code. We do not use smilies on Testy Copy Editors.

Who makes money from this site?

No one. We pledged long ago that we would never monetize Testy Copy Editors. We do not accept advertising or donations. All expenses are borne solely by the proprietor.